Cure Batten Filti Face Mask (Family Pack)


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Our comfortable Cure Batten non-medical-grade face mask family pack has arrived! Each mask provides excellent protection with a 100% cotton outer layer and a Filti nanofiber inner layer. Each mask is individually made — cut, sewn, and strung with soft ear straps (made from upcycled t-shirts) and moveable beads for quick and easy adjustment.


  • Two adult + tw0 youth Filti face masks
  • Individually handmade in New Orleans
  • 100% cotton fabric outside
  • Filti Face Mask Material inside
  • Double-edged, extra-long nose/cheek wire for contouring flexibility
  • Soft ear straps with beads to easily and quickly adjust length and tightness so your ears do not stick out or hurt


  • One size fits most adults (~ 5.25″H x 9.5″W)
  • One size fits most youth (~ 4.0″H x 7.5″W)
  • Larger and smaller sizes available upon request


  • Sanitize or gentle/hand wash to maintain color and lining integrity; hang dry.


  • If glasses fog, press wire to cheekbones more so than nose.
  • If dangling ear straps bother you, cut straps and re-tie.


  • Patent-pending nanofiber technology
  • Highly efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses
  • 3-layer lightweight composite filter media
  • Polypropolene-nanofiber/polyester composite filter media